The family garden

IMG_1290IMG_1291IMG_1293IMG_1299Here are some photos of the family garden that the family can potentially share with the project and school. The school has a water issue and there is currently no water on site but the family garden has water. I am in contact with the Ministry of Agriculture (Forestry) who could also be helpful with establishing a orchard, but this is a process. I also do not think they will be able to put a fence around the whole garden as the garden is quite big (something like 130mx35m – approx -might even be bigger! I don’t have the measurements we took at hand right now…) due to cost (I am currently assisting them with planning/quoting for fencing and shade netting for a school garden here in Windhoek…).

Starting Out

Donny and Randy are getting started..

From left to right: Donovan, Mr Beukes (School master of Bloukrans Primary School) and Randy

In order to start getting sponsors we need to find the first 10 to 12 recipients and record a short video of each so potential sponsors can see whom they’ll be sending their sponsorship. That’s what Donny and Randy will take care of as soon as possible.

At first though the monthly payments will go to the group fund until the budget goal is reached. See the budget page to see what the money is needed for.

After the budget goal is reached the money goes to the recipients/family. They’ll use the group fund now to pay for a Permaculture teacher who will teach and help them develop and implement their Permaculture design at their places, so they can work towards their freedom to live in abundance.